"Imperfections of Art"...

 to make your Heart Smile

Matted Prints  available to fit a 16 by 20 inch frame  $ 45.00.  

" A Girl and her Horse"

"Me and my Bully"

"Spilled Wine"

"Michelle and River"

"Afternoon Nap"

"A Girl and her Ravens"

"Bird on a Pink Hill"


"Birds of a Feather"

"A Girl and a Rose"


" Evening Cocktail"

"A Girl and her Rose"

"Two Blue Rabbits"

"Two Javelinas"

" A Bird and Three Friends"

"Marika and her Friends"

"Lesbian Wedding"

"Brenda and her Heart"

"Best Friends and a Dead Bird"

"A young Girl and her Horse"

"Purple Mountains Majesty"

"A Bully and his Flower"


"Teri and her Pups"


"A Girl and her Cow"

"Joined at the Heart"

"A Couple of  Clowns"

"Blue Flowers"


"Andrea and her Friends"

"A Girl and her Lovebirds"

" "A Girl and her Goat"

"A Bully, A Bird and  A Lemon Tree"

" Christ and his Swans"