"Imperfections of Art"...

 to make your Heart Smile

Matted Prints  available to fit a 16 by 20 inch frame  $ 45.00.  

" A Girl and her Horse"

"Me and my Bully"

two angels.jpg

"Michelle and River"

"Two Angels"

"Afternoon Nap"

%22Afternoon nap%22.jpeg

" Evening Cocktail"

"Birds of a Feather"

three friend and three birds.jpeg

"A Girl, her Raven and a Pot"

native 2.jpeg

"A Girl and her Ravens"


"A Girl and her Rose"


"Two Blue Rabbits"


"Two Javelinas"

 2 javalinas .jpeg

" A Bird and Three Friends"

"Marika and her Friends"

"Purple Mountains Majesty"

purple mountain magesty.jpeg


"A Girl, her Flowers and a nest"

asian yellow flowers.jpeg

"Dancing Angel"

angel dance.jpeg

"Brenda and her Heart"

"A Bully and his Flower"

My bully.jpeg

"A young Girl and her Horse"


"Best Friends and a Dead Bird"



"Morning Coffee"

morning coffee 2.jpeg

"Two Foxes"

two foxes.jpeg



"A Bully, A Bird and  A Lemon Tree"

"A Girl and her Cow"

"A Couple of  Clowns"

a bully and a raven pick lemons.jpg
a couple of clowns.jpeg
polar bear and his salmon.jpeg


round sunflowers.jpeg
elephants 2.jpeg

"Polar Bear and a Fish"

"Two Elephants"

"A Girl and her Lovebirds"

a girl and two love birds.jpeg

"Black Angel?"

angel green background.jpeg

"A Girl and her Fish"

a lady and her fish.jpg

"Girl in Hat with her Cat"

girl with hat and cat.jpeg


"Flowers in a Pot"

irish flowers.jpeg

"Andrea and her Friends"

" Christ and his Swans"