As i see in my brother, i see in God, i see in me

"beauty served"

"beauty, bitch or boundaries?"

A man struggles for wholeness...i take you as my father and you may have me as your son

"power or porn"?

"coming of age"

"coffee, tea or me?"

"window to the soul"

"Little Prince"

"Fall from Grace"

Primal terror of being flung from our true Home

"Body of War"

"Disregard Me"

Violation to Heal

"Dancer Pose"

I trust, i feel, i think, i love, i speak, i know, i Am

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Rose that was plucked by a careless man, and although it pricked him trying to defend itself, the Rose had to suffer being plucked..... The Rose still has a beautiful  fragrance.

"Body of War...front and back

"Altar Boy"

He bears his trauma, shame, and secrets on his body while his face is frozen in a tight smile.  Themes of sexual abuse, lies, the loss of childhood, and hiding the truth scar this plaster tribute to all the little boys whose trust has been shattered.

"Disregard Me" ...front and back

"Little Prince" ...front and back